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"This is really a super modification. My aircraft looks and feels incredible. Thank you."
Thomas Loeliger, Switzerland - Robinson R22

Where art meets aviation

From our premises in England we hand build and refurbish luxury interiors for all type of private and commercial aircraft. Our interiors are a collaboration between customer, designer, and a craftsman assigned - from beginning to end - to just one project.

Our designs are unique, our craftsmen unwavering in their pursuit of perfection. We use only the finest aviation compliant materials. We have one of the largest work portfolios in the industry. We've been refurbishing aircraft interiors for over 20 years and our dedication to exceeding customer expectations have rewarded us with glowing recognition from aircraft owners everywhere. 

Refurbishment Timeline

An aicraft interior refurbishment can be a daunting prospect. It needn't be. 

Initial Consultation

We'll discuss design & colour options, and ascertain the level of refurbishment you require - trim, yokes, carpets, even cockpit facias can be colour co-ordinated to your precise specifications.

Initiating the Refurbishment

Once your order is confirmed we'll schedule the refurbishment at minimum inconvenience to you. Light aircraft interiors can be shipped to our premises and returned complete for fitting by your existing crew. Larger aicraft (and rotary) can be flown in to our local field at Gamston, whereupon we'll begin dismantling your old interior whilst ordering materials for the new.

Refurbishing your Aircraft - Stage 1

Once your old seats have been stripped and the bases cleaned and repainted - and with your preferences very much in mind - our craftsman begin shaping and fitting the new foams. Meanwhile, carpets and panels are cut to size and refitted to exceed the standards you'd expect to find in a brand new aircraft. This part of the process should take about a week.

Refurbishing your Aircraft - Stage 2

Now comes the icing on the cake. Your chosen leather hides are first cut to size and tested against the new foam. Once our craftsmen are satisfied with the cut the hide undergoes a final trim before being painstakingly stitched together under the meticulous scrutiny of our project manager. Depending on aircraft size, this part of the process can take between one and three weeks. 

Refurbishing your Aircraft - Stage 3

With your new interior in place the work is tested and inspected. Any part of the refurbishment that requires attention is attended to before a final inspection. Once the project manager has approved the refurbishment your interior is cleaned and polished ready for your approval.


Finally, you will be invited to inspect the refurbishment. Once approved we'll request a closing payment and issue any safety certificates.

The whole process should take no longer than two weeks for rotary and light aircraft and up four weeks for business and executive level aircraft. 

Everything you see, and everything you don't

Before we begin crafting your interior we take care of things you don't usually see.

Base Renovation Stage 1

Seats are stripped back to the bare metal and thoroughly cleaned.

Base Renovation Stage 2

The base is then masked off and an undercoat is applied to all metal surfaces.

Base Renovation Stage 3

Finally, a top coat is applied and allowed to dry before we're ready to begin the refurbishment proper.

Your colour, your choice

Our range of hides represent only a small part of our supply capability. If you have a bespoke colour you would like us to match, simply send us a sample or colour reference such as Pantone, Dulux or RAL and the colour lab will match it exactly.


We are absolutely thrilled! You have been a true pleasure to work with and made it seamless to ship the old interior to the UK and we were amazed how quickly we got it back from the other side of the pond. We shipped it on June 11, and it was back and completely installed in the R44 on June 27. That is incredible! We couldn't be happier with our new interior - it changes the whole look and feel of the helicopter.

I picked up my plane from the paint shop last week. I am very impressed by the panels, the seats and inner seals. Never seen a similar Interior in any PA-32 before. Looks really nice. Thank you and your team for a great job and the fair handling of my order.

I finally got to sit in my new interior today and I sat in the seats with my partner just looking at each other laughing, and not moving. Do you know why? Because the seats are so freaking comfortable! The new seat cushion bolsters actually give you more height in the cockpit and I don't feel like I am trying to stretch up to see over the shroud - and I am 5'9".

All the work you have done is to a high standard and I truly appreciate your efforts. It was an enormous undertaking and it’s worked out well.. 

David Gold, UK - Lear Jet 45

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