The Craft

Our interiors are a collaboration between customer, designer, and a craftsman assigned, from beginning to end, to just one project.

All our materials are FAA/JAR 25.853 approved. 

We use a firm high quality G50 foam for ultimate comfort, shape retention, and longevity. Your seats will be rebuilt from the frame up with support where you need it and can include headrests and lumber protection.

We've been meeting EASA and FAA requirements for over 20 years.

We use the finest Grade A Scottish leather purchased from one of the oldest tanneries in the UK. Our leather retains the 1.0mm thickness found in standard aviation leather but tests conclude it is up to 30% lighter than its heavier counterpart with no compromise on quality or tensile strength.

Over 1000 handcrafted aviation interiors in 20 years.

Uncompromising quality. Our carpets are manufactured in England from 80% virgin wool with a super tight twist on a hessian back. Available in colours to match your interior palette, trimmed and fitted to perfection.

Full refurbishment aircraft interior downtime only two to four weeks.

We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence. From our resiliant yokes to door and ceiling panels and instrument facias, our dedicated craftsmen work to the same exacting standards throughout your aircraft. 

Years of hard work and a dedication to exceeding customer expectation have rewarded us with international recognition from aircraft owners everywhere.

From our premises in England we design and hand-craft distinctive luxury interiors for all type of private and commercial aircraft.

Every interior is a collaboration between customer and craftsman. From the shape of the seats to the colours and levels of trim, between us we create a new space utterly unique to you and your aircraft. 

Our craftsmen have over 35 years combined experience working solely on aircraft interiors.

Hand Stitching

We use traditional methods to create our leather interiors, including hand-stitching, and this is where our expertise really shines through. Using German made Amman thread, our craftsman create seams as aesthetically pleasing as they are strong.

Pattern  Cutting

Cutting the patterns in this way enables the craftsmen to follow his instincts and to make alterations that would otherwise be impossible. And of course, working by hand enables us to make the modifications that make your interior unique.

All the work you have done is to a high standard and I truly appreciate your efforts. It was an enormous undertaking and it’s worked out well.. 

David Gold, UK - Lear Jet 45